Tuesday, 10 January 2012

NetBeans 7.1 is here and ...

The official announcement came almost a week ago and for me it almost coincided with another event. The guys from PACKT Publishing gave me the chance to review another one of their books.

First about the IDE:
May be the release notes would be more informative than the official announcement. At least it contains all the possible links you might need along with the latest top features presented visually. Of course there is this video presentation, which is worth watching.
It seems this time the focus is on JavaFX. Its 2.0 version is covered in a way that makes its applications' configuration and deployment easy and complete - it seems you won't miss a feature here. 
From the other features presented in the video the most attractive seemed the visual debugger, the batch and selective rectangular re-factoring and the enhanced maven integration.

Once I have more time to make some stuff with it, I'll report. Which leads me to the second point - the book:

Going through this book is a nice opportunity to check the new architecture of the revamped JBoss Application Server. I guess (and hope) it will have some in-depth tweaks. Scrolling over its TOC increased my appetite seeing topics like clustering, security and cloud leveraging. I'm anxious to start it, so I'll say no more in this post.
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