Wednesday, 23 December 2009

One more cheatsheet

I just said few words about Dzone's cheat sheets regarding NetBeans in my last post and they came with a new one. This time the refcard numbered 80 tells in short about the NetBeans Platform. It briefs about the massive structure upon the IDE is built up and is suitable for constructing full-blown and feature rich desktop and client applications.

This matter is the foundation for building the IDE's plugins and modules. If you wonder what's the difference, the simplest explanation is that:
  • a plugin is the piece of software unit that can be uniformly added to the IDE in order to perform some specialized task. Depending on the task, the plugin might range in simplicity and size.
  • a module is an independent package of software that ties to the platform in such uniform way that makes it a separate software product. Modules might be targeted at enhancing the IDE's functionality or they just might run free ;)

This area sure is targeted at the hardcore developers and professionals, but some of the novices might also be interested what actually lies under the hood. Well done DZone!
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