Friday, 21 November 2008

The New One - 6.5

The latest version is out already. 6.5 
What impressed me the most? The Early Access of the Python editor of course - I expected it for some time. The best part is that the underlying Jython runtime isn't obligatory for you. Just choose from the menu Tools > Python Platforms and you may define whatever platform you use on your own. It doesn't matter if it's the official CPython distribution installed localy or the Portable version from your USB drive, or else.
Still hadn't enogh time to dig in the IDE, but the first impression while creating new project and coding some lines is that it really feels better and lighter than the 6.1 version. 
And what's more, it behaves quite nice on a USB drive - adjusted properly NetBeans can be a beautiful portable application (despite that it is expectedly much slower compared to a desktop install).
Now I can't wait to try develop a Django web application with MySQL or PostgreSQL back end managed by the IDE. I know NetBeans is already mature enogh for that development task.
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